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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are Core Flytes different than gliders I've seen advertised?

    Core Flytes are very different from all other "sliding/gliding/rolling" products (such as Gliding Disks, Valslide, Slidez, Ab Dolly, etc.) and offer a unique experience to users for many reasons:

    1. Move in all directions to add stability component to exercises: Core Flytes provide a completely different user experience. Core Flytes are about stability and control as opposed to force. Specifically, other products with wheels or flat smooth surfaces can only move well across the floor in one direction at a time, requiring the user to apply force in that particular direction and force to change direction. Core Flytes, however, can move freely along multiple axes at all times because they are feature omni-directional ball bearings.

    2. Use on multiple surfaces: No other product moves freely on all common gym and home surfaces, including non-slip rubber, carpet, wood, concrete, etc.

    3. Facilitates both stationary AND dynamic (moving) exercises: Users must stabilize the Core Flytes when performing exercises that require keeping them stationary, like pushups or planks for example. Core Flytes also require more effort to control or stabilize when performing dynamic exercises, like lunges and ab rollouts.

    4. Increase muscle activation for core, major muscles, and secondary muscles: Core Flytes can move freely along multiple axes while under load, requiring little or no force to change direction at any moment. This requires the user to activate more secondary and supporting muscles - plus core and abdominal muscles - to stabilize the Core Flytes during any exercise.

  • Am I fit enough to use Core Flytes today?

    Core Flytes are effective across all levels of fitness. We do, however, recommend a weight cut off of 250 pounds as a safety pre-caution. The Core Flytes package includes an exercise guide suitable for all fitness levels, plus a DVD and downloadable online workout series that demonstrate how to modify all the exercises for beginner, intermediate and advanced users.

  • What surface do I need to use Core Flytes on?

    Core Flytes work on most surfaces, but they perform optimally on a flat, hard surface – most floors are perfect! One interesting aspect of Core Flytes is that you can make the exercises more or less challenging by varying the surface used. For example, Core Flytes move extremely easily on a wood floor, which means they are more difficult to control and this creates a more difficult exercise experience than on a surface that offers greater friction (like a short carpet). The more friction created by the surface, the easier the exercise becomes.

  • Will Core Flytes work on carpet?

    Core Flytes move on tight loop carpet. But, if you have thick or plushy carpet they won't move too well and we would recommend passing.

  • Will Core Flytes scratch my wood floors?

    Flytes are made with nylon balls specifically designed not to mark hardwood or vinyl floors, so they shouldn't cause any issues. We haven't tested Core Flytes on every wood surface, however, so we always recommend caution when using them to avoid scratching the floor.

  • I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with Core Flytes - where do I look?

    It’s easy to get started! There are all sorts of places to find workout ideas:

    • Your set of Core Flytes includes a workout poster, and newer sets also include a workout DVD (you will find the DVD taped to the bottom of the tray in the package that contains the Core Flytes).
    • You can download full workout videos at
    • We offer instructional and demo videos at
    • Check out our social media for amazing workouts by our awesome customers! We are @flytefitness on Instagram and Twitter, and Flyte Fitness on Facebook.
  • How do I clean the balls?

    All it takes is a bit of unscented baby oil or sewing machine oil! IMPORTANT: Do NOT use WD40, grease, 3-in-1, cooking or engine oil as these will cause the balls to stop rolling over time. Details at

  • The balls aren't rolling as well as they did before - what do I do?

    As with cleaning, a bit of unscented baby oil or sewing machine oil should do the trick! IMPORTANT: Do NOT use WD40, grease, 3-in-1, cooking or engine oil as these will cause the balls to stop rolling over time. Details at

  • What if I don’t like Core Flytes?

    No problem – we offer a 30-day money back guarantee! If you try Core Flytes and they’re just not for you, get a full refund by sending them to:

    Jeremy Greenberg
    Flyte Fitness
    543 West 43rd Street
    Unit #6-3-25
    New York, 10036

    Please include your purchase confirmation with your signature in the shipment - so we know it's you! Also please note: we only accept shipments using FedEx, UPS or DHL (USPS is not accepted).

    If you don't mind, please include a few words on why the Core Flytes did not meet expectations. We are a small, growing company and would be grateful for the information!